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Treat yourself to an amazing and memorable one on one Vancouver Island or Gulf Island tour experience with photography tips from award winning wildlife photographer Sharron Palmer-Hunt.

Overnight accommodation on Gabriola Island available by request.

Discover Wildlife Photography Tips and Tricks

Beyond my regular online coaching sessions I offer an 8 week interactive photography course titled Picture Perfect Wow Photos. You can watch the video below to find out more, or check out my Picture Perfect Wow Photos course over at Thinkific.

If you are unsure if the 8 week course is just right for you, reach out to me via my contact form below and I can connect with you to answer any enquiries you may have.

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Created by Sharron Palmer-Hunt the group’s purpose is to share photos specific to the types of wildlife found in the areas of the Pacific Northwest, including from BC, Alberta, Yukon, and Alaska. Visit and join the group today!

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About Sharron


Sharron Palmer-Hunt

Sharron Palmer-Hunt is a wildlife photographer. She loves being out in nature and connecting one on one with wild animals. Sharron lives on Gabriola Island in British Columbia and has being doing wildlife photography for about 10 years.

She does work on other photography projects including weddings, and portraiture but her main passion is wildlife. She is a director and wildlife rescue worker for the local animal rescue society and believes in treating animals with respect. Sharron has a private Facebook group titled Wildlife of the Pacific Northwest which was established for the purpose of showing that the Pacific Northwest is abundant with wildlife opportunities.

Sharron is the president of the local photography club and has had her photos in numerous exhibitions. She also won a first place national merit award from the Canadian Association of Photographic Art.


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