Wildlife Course



Info about the course:

I put this course together to share with you some camera setting tips and tricks and some in the field do’s and do not’s. We discuss how to take photos of birds in flight and use Lightroom and Photoshop to process our images. We then learn some time saving travel tips and plan how to achieve our photography goals. All of the course material is what I find works best for me to get those picture perfect “wow” photos.
I have made power point videos for you to watch and then a pdf text version of the video for you to download. When you get to the post processing sections you can download the video on module 5 and keep a copy, as it explains the post processing, step by step, using Lightroom and Photoshop.
After each module you will be answering a multiple choice quiz that you will complete on the course platform and then a weekly assignment pdf which you can download. Once your assignment is completed you will send it to me through email so I can give feedback and return it to you. If you are asked to send in photos please ensure that the file size for each photo is no larger than 1 MG. The course is designed for one module per week, over an 8 week period but you can complete it at your own
pace. When finished you will receive a certificate of course completion.

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